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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bitterbuck1 wrote:
Welcome to the forum Evilx.

I'm interested in the stories of the Indians can you go into more detail?

The Indians are Seminole they were a combination of Creek, Cherokee, and other tribes up north. They all combined after being forced off there lands in Georgia and so on. They put up fierce resistance during the three Seminole wars. They were the only sucessful indian tribe to resist being fully pushed off there lands. After the three wars a small group of Seminoles were able to hide out in the Everglades until the early 1900s when they were given there own land.

Now about the woods they're all over its just about finding the right patch. This particular patch of woods is near the St. Johns river. These woods are alot like the woods around here covered in pine needles think brush and brambels. However they tend to clear out the deeper you get the trees spread out and there is little brush besides some palmettos every 200 yards or so. When you first start walking into these woods its real relaxing with the sun shining down through the canopy you get a real good feel. Then though as you walk deeper this thick area just stops and you walk out of into this more open part. As you keep walking in you feel like you're being watched. You dont find yourself just looking behind your shoulders you find youself looking all around you. Then as you keep walking you get a feeling like you arent welcome here. Most people i know including me turn around and get out of there. I've heard of people going in those woods at night trying to see what they can find. Some find nothing others i've heard found more than they can imagine. I tried to see if there were burial grounds in the area i called up the University and they said there's no record of any. We arent sure if they are seminole for sure Indians have been living on the Saint Johns since Ponce De Leon came here however we think its most likely Seminole seeing we find arrow heads all the time and anything farther back than Seminole wouldnt just be a inch or two under the surface.
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My deceased aunt in Texas used to see people of WW2 era passing through wall at her house. None other in that house has seen such things, she also had a feeling that her doll was also talking to her. Everyone was making fun of her for her behavior. She is not alive now but it recently found that the house is built over a cemetery of WW2 soldiers and people who died in WW2.
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