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Seeking Answers
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:26 pm    Post subject: Seeking Answers Reply with quote

Ever since I was very young i have had a fascination with paranormal goings on keen to find out what happened whether it was real and so on.

From young i started having dreams of the future nothing big just small dejavu's, these would happen any number of years after the dream had taken place and been forgotten and i would stop and change the dream or say dejavu out loud as the dejavu's did scare me.

Also i live in an old flat in a victorian courtyard, being in my room alone in the dark i would never feel safe and would be scared to the point that i could not sleep and would have a cold sweat, just typing this out now is having the same affect.

Another thing that would happen would be an old baby toy would start playing music on its own occord it did have things leaning on it but why did it only start when i was lying down in my bed so desperately trying to sleep? and it happened frequently for a short period allways when I was lying in my bed shitting myself with fear. I eventually got rid of the toy and the noise stopped.

I was allways a muture child certain circumstances in my life determined me to grow up fast but the thing that terrified me was the nightmares, i used to dream reacurring nightmares of death in my family that i will not type out, these happened everynight for years and years. I eventually told my uncle and he got me a native indian dream catcher, this stopped the nightmares immediatly from the moment it was hung up and to this day they never came back.

then my first encounter happened, i sat up in my bed (bunk bed) looked over the side into my tv screen i have no idea why i did this i just had a feeling that i should, (normally i would be too scared to look over my sheets)looking into my tv screen i saw a black hooded figure this made me scream with all my strength the figure look like it paniced and looked left then right my mother ran into the room and turnt on the light but nothing was there.

Then recently somewhere in my room has been making a sort of dripping or creaking noise that I cant explain where it comes from all the taps are shut off but the noise continue's this noise did not scare me i just thought it was my bed because when i shifted position it would stop, but the thing is that it never happened if i lyed in my bed just resting it only happened when i was trying to sleep and it would stop me from sleeping, untill it would stop or i would get so tired that i just pass out. this has only recently stopped happening.

also today the number 920 kept appearing i just thought i would get diffrent opinions hopefully some skeptical ones because i get scared shitless when i think about it. thanks :)
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds as though you think to much and seek explanations from random events. In other words calm down and be rational about any experiences you are having. Is the sound explainable? Where is it coming from? Did you see a hooded figure or see something else and determine it was a figure? Matrixing is not luimited to photographs it is a way in which our minds draw recognizable paterns into seemingly unrelated random events and stimuli. Next time try taking a deep breath and examining the situation a bit further.
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