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Coventry Poltergeist forces family to flee.
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D B Sweeney

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:20 am    Post subject: Coventry Poltergeist forces family to flee. Reply with quote

A trip to the cinema is probably the best way of watching a horror film but a family claims they are part of their own ‘Scary Movie’ after being terrorised by poltergeists.

Read more:

Lisa Manning and her two children have been living in fear following hundreds of eerie goings-on.
For 'eerie' read unexplained. This doesn't mean their experiences are necessarily supernatural.
We also have no independent verification that 'hundreds' of eerie things have happened. People can have an unconscious tendency to exaggerate and 'hundreds' may in reality be significantly less.
Ashtrays have been flung through the air and they once came home to find their dog lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs, with serious injuries.
Again, the word 'flung' suggests a degree of violence typically associated with Poltergeist cases but we don't know if this is a true description of how the ashtrays moved (or whether they were actually seen to move), if this is the press using creative licence or even the family deliberately exaggerating events that could be rationally explained without resorting to the paranormal as the default cause.
Vets said it was as if their pet, who later died, had been pushed down the stairs in their home.
And if you were thinking there’s no such thing as ghosts – the sinister happenings have been caught on a secret camera set up by Miss Manning’s partner.

The only reason to suspect that the dog had been pushed down the stairs is the fact that it was found at the bottom of them. Apart from that there's no other evidence other than the subjective opinion of the Vet to support the claim that a supernatural force deliberately killed the dog by pushing it down the stairs. For the record, It's quite difficult to push a dog anywhere it doesn't want to go let alone down stairs. Like cats - they have a natural reflex to try to right themselves and avoid injury and not 'fall' down stairs like a Hollywood B movie stuntman. We're not given the cause of death by the Vet other than they're consistent with being shoved - but how can something die from shoving?. Hit by a car yes but shoving?. I suspect that it's injuries will not include bruising or broken or cracked bones. We're also not party to the age of the dog or it's medical history, it may just have collapsed and died (for various reasons) and have been trying to get upstairs when it did so. There's also the possibility that the dog had previous injuries from less supernatural sources that the vet may have attributed to 'shoving'.
In what could be a scene from horror flick Paranormal Activity, the footage shows a chair sliding across the room as cupboard doors slam open and shut.
And here we have the hook that the Metro Journalist is trying to hang the story on and the most damning evidence that this is a set up. The video is typical of thousands that you'll find on YouTube. As usual we're not given a wide shot of the room nor have they chosen to set the camera up to try to film one of the 'flinging ashtrays'. Instead we see the action focus on a chair that seems conveniently light enough to drag using fishing wire and an equally suspicious wardrobe door which can be moved using the same fishing wire.

Hayley Stevens from BARsoc. has recreated this particular sequence to illustrate how easy it is.

I'm always amazed that Poltergeists in videos like these always choose to slide chairs across the floor (like they're being pulled by hidden wires) and not to actually raise up and have the chairs/objects fly or float across the rooms - must be something they teach them in Poltergeist college - Always slide never float!.
After seeing the video, housing association Whitefriars is now helping relocate the family.
But in a desperate attempt to put a stop to the haunting Miss Manning called in a priest to exorcise her home.

Here we have a suggestion that there's some existing belief in the paranormal, it's at work here and that the cultural way to deal with this is either 'Amityville Horror style', therefore Priest or 'Poltergeist (the movie) style' and paranormal investigation team. We've got a psychic medium who has told the family they have a 'portal' in their home which is a totally unsupportable claim to be making (and IMO ridiculous) and which follows the movie storyline further. All that we're missing now is someone to find that their property is built on an ancient Indian burial ground. So - we have a Poltergeist which equals potentially evil/demonic entity, therefore the solution is to fight one irrational belief by invoking another - rather like using Voodoo to get rid of a Hex.
The weird disturbances have left the mother, her daughter Ellie, 11, and six-year-old son, Jaydon, so terrified they have fled their haunted house in Coventry six times.
Interesting to see that the children are at an age where they will be easily influenced by mum and pick up on her fears, beliefs and on her conscious and subconscious cues.
Miss Manning, 34, said: ‘Your home is meant to be a safe place but ours isn’t. ‘I have to sit with my daughter when she goes to the toilet or has a bath as she’s to afraid to go on her own.
‘The worst bit is we can’t see it so we have no clue as to where this poltergeist is or what it’s going to do.

Here we have an admission that nothing has actually been seen - possibly even the 'flinging ashtrays' may have fallen off a table or other surfaces etc for perfectly explainable reasons - the dog, the kids, unstable flooring, vibrations from external sources, infrasound etc. The history of the Poltergeist illustrates that objects are very rarely seen to move or fly and are simply felt if struck by them or seen to impact when their trajectory is halted by something.
‘Things have got so bad my kids are now seeing a counsellor.’ Ellie added: ‘I’m scared to go home from school and I don’t like to go upstairs on my own.’
Despite admitting to being sceptical of the paranormal at first, Miss Manning has now resorted to putting up crucifixes to banish the spirits.

It's very unfortunate that the children have been unwillingly and adversely affected by this which probably amounts to nothing more than the fear of what mum can't explain and an unwillingness to seek an alternative professional non religious opinion or IMO a deliberate attempt to move house or make some money/get some 'celebrity' status. It is entirely possible that Ms Manning has been influenced by friends and family in attributing these experiences to a Poltergeist and she (but more importantly her children) have certainly not been helped by the opinion of the Vet, the Priest, the medium or the Care Worker and now the newspaper and further press intrusion.
‘The priest said we definitely shouldn’t stay,’ the care worker said. ‘This truly is a horror house.’
And so we end on the confirmation that the Priest confirmed or certainly added to the family's fears and the equally unbiased, unreasonable opinion of the Care Worker. I'm sure those three gave the kids great comfort with their pronouncements and helped allay the children's traumatic experiences.

[color=orange]Newspaper reports courtesy of The Daily Mail and The Metro

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D B Sweeney

Joined: 27 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's another independent opinion.

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