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Technical anomalous audio documentation
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:42 pm    Post subject: Technical anomalous audio documentation Reply with quote

Anomalous audio documentation.
We attempt to document activity from within apparently active environments using many forms of equipment.
These media devices usually capture specific frequencies of energy ie; Infrared/Ultraviolet/Red light or audio.
But the most prolific form of evidence has to be audio.
There are so many apparent E.V.Pís on the web which promise interaction from beyond the veil it can be a nightmare to analyse them all or even get to listen to them!
Are they all actually spirit voices? Of course not. Many are simply environmental noise pollution, sound wave pollution or noises produced by the actual equipment which is used to capture sound files.
There are also two main forms of paranormal audio evidence.
A, E.V.P which is embedded electronic voice phenomenon
B, A.V.P which is Audible voice phenomenon.
A, is interaction which emanates from a none atomic point of reference. The activity can be sporadic and localised.
This means that two audio devises can be inches apart, but only one will document the E.V.P and the audio documentation is hit and miss and completely un reliable.
B, is classed as an actual manifestation as it is an action which is produced upon the environment. This can be done in many ways. It can be the distortion and interaction upon air as a means of producing sound waves which interact upon a person or equipment. It can be the manipulation and control of sound waves already present in the environment which are re designed to produce constructive audible words or sounds. It can be the actual interaction upon the diaphragm of the mic as a means to cause audible word forms. It can be the re-design of echoís or environmental rough sound waves. In other words an A.V.P is a manipulation of given factors as a means of communication or interaction at an audible level.
So how do we best capture E.V.Pís and A.V.Pís?
We need to understand first of all that pollution in audio documentation is very easy to mistake as paranormal
based capture. A sound resonating from a distance can be distorted and manipulated by its surroundings so as to produce what appears to be a voice or un earthly capture. A sound of a child who shouts at one end of a building can
end up sounding like a grown man at the other simply by the way the audio waves are thrown about as the sound wave passís down corridors and into different sized rooms etc. So the best way of ensuring your audio is clean is to simply have no one in the building. Yes this is a lot to ask when we consider that most teams wish to be in the environment and getting to grips with the job at hand. But as far as real anomalous capture is concerned, too many cooks defiantly do spoil the broth.
So how do I run an audio assessment of an environment?.
I will do an EMF map of the location to assess good reliable areas of EMF. Then I will place two digital Olympus
Dictaphones in those positions (freely available EMF offers a supply for interaction). I will then place a Zoom H2n Dictaphone in the middle of the location or where anomalous audio interaction is purported to be active. The H2n would be set at surround sound setting and positioned so as to have FRONT facing to NORTH. This will enable the investigator to get location information of sounds as means of debunking or interaction pinpointing, so you can place yourself facing the direction the H2n was facing, so as to identify sounds in relation to the environment later. The H2n will also be linked by audio lead (high quality to avoid lead buzz and pollution) to a lap top which would be running audio analysis software (sound forge, gold wave or audacity) and also to headphones. This way you can acquire real time analysis and also watch sound wave forms for any wave anomalies which occur in the environment.
The other two Olympus Dictaphones will be documenting activity which will back up the H2n or even other interactions around them.
It is also a good idea to have two infrared cameras observing the Dictaphones so as to count out the chance of anything which could cause the documented sounds. The entire system should also be timed to the second to ensure moment by moment back up of evidence between equipment.
Another great idea is to leave a Trifield meter close to the H2n and set the sound buzzer to just below audible.
This way you can hear if any EMF spikes occur during times of audio activity.
I shall not go into analysis of audio here as it is a subject unto itself.
People have often asked me about Tape format recorders.
The wonderful thing here is that although the tape mechanism causes sound pollution, used with an extension lead for the mic these recorders can offer great forms of evidence.
You can also try this. Connect a mic lead into the recorder and either cut or blank the actual mic off from the other end.
It is been researched now that energies are able to input information onto the actual tape and bypass the mic entirely.
Also using different formats for documentation will always provide different forms of results and we should never discount any process for documentation.

Something else I have to cover here is terrestrial audio pollution. This is when information is passed to audio recording equipment from radio, satellite or other external sources. This pollution information is usually picked up by the coatings of internal electronics in the Dictaphone or even through mic wires and extension leads. It can sound like radio stations or simply sporadic sound bites which occur out of nowhere.
The only true way to avoid this is to go underground and run audio analysis away from this form of pollution.
See investigation via Youtube here:
During this investigation we set up an audio system and sat very quiet while observing via IR video (Hi8 tape format) and listened to the environment in real time and via stand alone Dictaphones.
We actually heard some of the voices (A.V.P) and documented the others to equipment (E.V.P).
Last point on this subject. Try to use dynamic mics with the magnet and coil as these are the most receptive to
E.M.F interaction. Be aware that some Dictaphones are designed to remove or ignore the EMF interactions we are looking for such as the Zoom H1 which is a bad Dictaphone for audio sessions.
Iain Lawrence

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