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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:02 am    Post subject: SO WHAT WAS IT? Reply with quote

This experience goes all the way back to 1968 again and late August and Bitburg Air Base, West Germany an extra spooky place in the Eifel mountains that I don,t imagine has changed much. About a mile off the base was a nuclear weapons storage area which was guarded 24/7 by six security policemen plus an nco in charge and two dog handlers in the hours of darkness. This particular evening I was the nco in charge and as we were in the process of changing guards a serious electrical storm was raging. To add to the confusion the changeover was late due to a security alert and the dog-handlers were also just coming on. The situation had quietened a bit by 9 pm and the storm had settled down to a steady drizzle when the coffee patrol arrived so the dog handlers tied their dogs to long leads attached to the chain-link fence for that purpose and we began to discuss who we felt would win the baseball divisions when suddenly there was a very loud sound of dogs barking in a frenzy and when we glanced out one of them had managed to break his lead which wasn,t easy, but then Prince was a very large alsatian. I had the handler jump in my ford pick-up truck and we headed to where we,d seen the dog chase another very large black dog over a rise in the ground. Though the area by the chain link fence was kept clear from the inner fence, then an area of ten feet to the outer fence the inside of the compound was thickly wooded with many trees yet we could now clearly see that Prince was fighting with an equally large black animal just inside the inner fence. The handler John and I jumped out and raced to assist the guard dog, but as we reached the dogs Prince collapsed. We both drew our Smith and Wesson 38 calibre revolvers and clicked the hammer to put a round in the chamber and shoot the black animal, but as I centered on the creature two red eyes beamed out and I felt a sense of pure evil hit me and penetrate deep. "Go on, John, shoot the devil!" I shouted in frustration. "! Can,t . It won,t let me.!" The "dog" then calmly turned away from us and padded Through Both fences as though they werent, there. My commanding officer rubbished my report until he saw that the alsatians throat had been ripped out and that the large paw-prints of that creature were clearly visible in the sot rain saoked earth. Air Force verdict. "Unexplained!" So What Was It Then??? And that,s not the only time I saw phantom animals near that base in Germany either
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